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Dr. Powell Performs Surgery in India

Dr. Powell traveled to Coimbatore, India to perform live surgeries at the Indo-US Shoulder Course January 27-29. Along with Nikhil Verma from Rush Medical Center in Chicago and Raymond Nunez from the Philippines, Dr. Powell demonstrated techniques of instability and rotator cuff repair as well as shoulder replacement to his Indian Colleagues at the Ortho One Orthopedic Center in Coimbatore.

Dr. Stetson Attends Extremity War Injury...

As part of his duties as the new chairman-elect of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) International Committee, Dr. Stetson attended the Extremity War Injury (EWI) Conference in January where he participated in a meeting concerning disaster preparedness.  His committee is working with the Department of Defense, the US Army, Air Force and Navy to develop a credentialing process for orthopaedic surgeons to volunteer in case of a national or international emergency.  The committee has developed a Disaster Response Course modeled with the help of the military and will have over 100 civilian volunteer surgeons enrolled by the end of February.  This could become a model for volunteerism for other medical and surgical specialties.