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Global Scholars Program

The orthopedic surgeons of Stetson Powell Orthopedics and Sports Medicine are firm believers in global orthopedic education. Through our non-profit foundation, Operation Arthroscopy, Dr. Powell, Dr. Stetson and Dr. Lee have traveled worldwide to bring orthopedic education and equipment to underserved countries including Cuba, Peru, Vietnam, Kenya, China and others.

In coordination with the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), the doctors of Stetson Powell have sponsored numerous doctors to come to the United States to spend time learning the specialized techniques of arthroscopy and sports medicine from Dr. Powell, Dr. Stetson and Dr. Lee. Here are our scholars that we are very proud of and their great stories:

Lyndon Bathan, MD – Phillipines – 2014

Dr. Bathan

University of the Philippines – Philippine General Hospital
University of the Philippines – College of Medicine
Department of Orthopedics, Adult Section, Sports and Arthroscopy Service – Clinical Associate Professor
Department of Orthopedics of The Medical City – Faculty
Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health – Faculty
Manila, Philippines

  • Train and teach residents and medical students in adult orthopedics cases during weekly rounds, pre-op, post-op and special topic conferences
  • Assist residents in surgical cases of arthroscopy, sports and adult orthopedics
  • Render service in the weekly operations of the Sports Clinic: provide rehabilitation and surgery to professional, amateur and varsity athletes with sports injuries
  • Train residents in diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries
  • Supervise surgical procedures of different sports injuries of the service and private cases
  • Co-authored book chapter in Biologic Joint Reconstruction: Alternative to Arthroplasty
  • Co-authored many scientific articles in American Journal of Sports Medicine and The Journal of Knee Surgery

“On the second leg of my 2014 AAOS Surgical Scholarship, I was fortunate to observe at the Stetson Powell Orthopedic Sports Medicine Clinic, a model clinic for private practicing orthopedic sports surgeons.  It is a modern clinic with its very own MRI and an efficient, kind staff, and at the helm, are three Olympic Team Physicians, Dr. William Stetson, Dr. Scott Powell and Dr. Christopher Lee.

I learned a lot from seeing Dr. Stetson and Dr. Powell hold their clinic and surgeries. They made sure my stay in Burbank was a blast, but still had enough time to teach me, from patient diagnosis to their surgical techniques in different sports cases.

A million thanks to Dr. Stetson and Dr. Powell for all the surgical pearls that I have brought home to my country and for being great role models for achievements and generosity. Also special thanks to all their staff for making me feel part of their clinic. It is truly an experience I will always remember.”

Semin Becirbegovic, MD – Bosnia & Herzegovina – 2013

Dr. Becirbegovic

University Clinical Center Sarajevo
Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

“The reception and meeting with Academy staff was a great opportunity for me to present the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to present myself. At this point, I already felt like a member of one big, strong, caring family. The AAOS building is so interesting because the visitor is able to take a tour and to learn about the founders of modern orthopedic surgery. Only then did I realize that I am part of the ongoing development of this discipline. As Isaac Newton said: ‘If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.’ The most important part of my scholarship visit was a week with Dr. Stetson and Dr. Powell practice in Burbank, CA. It was interesting for me to see a very well-organized private practice that sub specializes in sports orthopedics. This is a much different experience from everything else in my career. I was only trained in big hospitals throughout Europe, so it was interesting to observe the management of patients, electronic medical record systems, preoperative exams and surgeries at their surgery centers. Everything is devoted to efficiency.  That being said, Dr. Stetson proposed to organize a joint AAOS and Bosnian society course in Sarajevo with topics on sports medicine. This event would have a major impact on my country. It will enable orthopedic surgeons who are not as lucky as I am to attend comprehensive courses led by AAOS faculty. The mission of “spreading the word” will gain true meaning with this event that I am hoping will happen in the near future. My hosts were exceptional. Besides clinical work, they managed my free time exceptionally. I was able to try some Californian “must have” cuisine, visited the Warner Brothers studio and Hollywood, and attended a Dodgers-Yankees baseball game. Thank you Dr. Stetson and Dr. Powell, and thank you Scott DiCesare. There are two things that I will try to implement in my practice: patient education and efficiency. Dr. Stetson and Dr. Powell have worked tremendously hard to educate their patients. Their webpage is very well organized and is full of precious information provided in layman’s language. The doctors generously spend their time explaining details of the condition, treatment strategies, pros, cons, etc. One of the first things that you observe when you enter the Stetson Powell office is the interns. They are young, intelligent, ambitious, future colleagues who decided to spend one year in the practice in order to gain experience working with renowned surgeons before going to medical school. They shadow the physicians and really boost efficiency in the office. Another thing which is exceptional in the office is electronic data records. However, it was too complicated for my modest orthopedic brain to understand how it works (in such short stay at least). The only downside of my scholarship visit was that it was too short. Other than that, this was an amazing experience. It feels like opening of a new door in my career. I know that there are many things to share between AAOS, my hosts and me in the future. This is one important wind in my sail, and I will do my best to build upon this experience.”

Mario Henrique Lobão Gonçalves, MD – Brazil – 2012, 2013


NÆON – Center for Advanced Studies in Orthopedics – Founder
Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Chief
Diadema State Public Hospital
São Paulo Federal University

  •  Gives weekly lectures on selected topics in Orthopedic Shoulder and Elbow Surgery to residents at Pontifical Catholic University in São Paulo
  • Supervises orthopedic residents and sports and arthroscopy fellows in the operating room and in clinic
  • Publishes and presents research to national and international medical congresses and scientific journals

“After being awarded the AAOS Scholarship in 2012, I had the great pleasure of spending time with Drs. Stetson and Lee in Burbank. During my second visit in 2013, I finally met Dr. Powell after having only heard him on his soundtracks. I am very grateful for the warm reception, attention and instruction I received at Stetson-Powell Orthopedics. They opened my mind to a more dynamic patient-physician relationship in private practice that mixes technological resources, personalized patient care and pre-med interns. Their practice is a model that I plan to pursue, and I hope to reach such high standards of patient care in my own practice.”

Biruk Wamisho, MD, FCS – Ethiopia – 2011, 2015

Dr. Wamisho

Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Addis Ababa University
Consultant Senior Orthopedic Surgeon at Black Lion Hospital, Ethiopia
President, Ethiopian Society of Orthopedics & Traumatology (ESOT)
Secretary Gen., Ethiopian Medical Association (EMA)
Executive member, Surgical Society of Ethiopia (SSE)
Chair, National/Federal Health Professionals Ethics Council

“After completing my Total Hip Replacement (both primary and revision) in Chicago, I headed to Burbank and Santa Monica to meet Dr. Stetson and Dr. Powell at their centers. I stayed from Monday, September 19th until Thursday, September 22nd 2011. During this time, I shadowed Dr. Stetson & Dr. Powell in the office as well as in the operating room, learning basic and advanced techniques of arthroscopic surgery on all major joints. The whole staff at the centers were welcoming and friendly. I was also able to share the experience of general orthopedics in Ethiopia. I see lots of trauma, arthritis, tumor, infection and sport injury patients. We have very few specialists with limited resources. My colleagues and I are building a hospital that offers full-fledged, high quality orthopedics to our Nation of about 100 Million. Operation Arthroscopy is working to provide me with the support needed to develop Arthroscopy in this center in Ethiopia. It was an opportunity for me to know and work with these super-specialists: Dr. Stetson and Dr. Powell. Our relationship and communication continues today and again, after 4 years, I won the 2015 IEL Scholarship hosted by the AAOS. I will again join Stetson Powell Orthopedics. With their help, once I organize the arthroscopy center in my country, we will have several campaigns and Stetson Powell will be our national guests! They opened my eyes to the realm of arthroscopy and they are wonderful colleagues! I thank them always!”

Amgad Haleem, MD, PhD, MS – Egypt – 2011

Dr. Amgad Haleem

Clinical Fellow, Sports Medicine
University of South Florida and Florida Orthopedic Institute
Assistant Lecturer of Orthopedic Surgery
Cairo University School of Medicine

  • Completed Orthopedic Surgery residency and Master’s Degree at the Cairo University School of Medicine in Cairo, Egypt
  • Earned a PhD in stem cell-based cartilage regeneration at the University of Pittsburgh, PA
  • Completed foot/ankle and total joint replacement fellowships at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, NY
  • Researching ankle distraction and other cartilage salvage procedures
  • Former professional basketball player in Egypt

“The AAOS International Scholarship/Stetson-Powell Award was a once in a life-time experience for me and a turning point in my career as an orthopaedic surgeon… Both Dr. Stetson and Dr. Powell are amazing persons, physicians and scholars. Observing them both in the operating theatre and witnessing their extra-ordinary surgical skills was phenomenal. They both shared with me their “tips and pearls” in shoulder, elbow and knee arthroscopy and even shared some of their private notes on how to perform various surgical procedures. Observing them in office opened my eyes to a totally different world. Their unparalleled demeanor with their patients was exceptional. The extreme professionalism in running their practice including flow of patients, use of state-of-art electronic medical records, use of patient educational material on their website, all of this dazzled my eyes and made me more persistent on pursuing further medical training in the USA to refine my surgical skills. My relation with them did not stop at the end of this visit… I am always eager to attend the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) International Committee meeting, where I meet with Dr. Stetson and fellow international AAOS scholars to exchange ideas and expertise. I am privileged to have been the disciple of these two great mentors for a brief, yet life-changing experience. For all of this, Stetson Powell Orthopedics and both of its great founders will always hold a special place in my heart.”

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