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Volunteer Saturday

Volunteer Saturday, a branch of Operation Arthroscopy, has continued to serve those in need with orthopedics and arthoscopic surgery. This month, Dr. Stetson and his surgical team volunteered their time to perform three surgeries for those unable to regularly afford the procedures. Yesenia Ramirez, pictured above, was one of those patients.

Ysenia is an 18 year old avid skateboarder who has been unable to skate since she tore her ACL a year ago in a skateboarding accident. She had come to understand that she would have to live with her injury and limit her skateboarding because she could not afford the surgery to reconstruct it. Now, thanks to the generosity of those involved with Volunteer Saturday, she is one month into recovery after a successful ACL reconstruction operation and progressing well. We look forward to seeing her skateboard to our offices for follow-up appointments in the near future.

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